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Lisa Saad is an accomplished Advertising Photographer, Commercial Photographer, Corporate Photographer and Food Photographer.

A Melbournian at heart, Lisa is always on the hunt for unique photographic briefs and is not satisfied unless she has found and exhausted every possible angle. Lisa’s business model is based on Lisa’s core beliefs; “of producing the best quality work within prescribed timeframes, on budget and with no blowouts or misrepresentation of expenditure.”

Lisa holds herself to account for what is produce and prides in always providing a positive outcomes for all stakeholders.  Each and every time an image is produce, you can rest assured that Lisa is within reach of every decision made, every project commissioned and every image released by making sure there is a reason and a purpose for its existence.

Lisa instils into her team a sense of pride in all the work produced and feel it is a privilege to be a part of any production and have the opportunity to nurture ongoing relationships. In addition, Lisa and her team have an unrivalled ability to come together for a purpose and work with intensity and passion to deliver successful outcomes for each and every client.