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As the world continues to evolve, humans have, time and time again, proven that adaptability is a driving force that allows us not only to survive through uncertainties but thrive thereafter. From the presentation of Darwin’s theory of evolution to today’s continued development towards the future of the Metaverse, the rapid technological advancements have both simplified and complicated human lives.

 In the midst of our now highly modernized world, we have become increasingly anonymous within the societies we live in - not only with what we build, and where we work but also in how we communicate. The Anonymous Man series delves into this intriguing concept of human existence where the pressures, the freedoms, and the unexpectedness of our urbanized worlds are depicted through the arresting and simplicity of the architecture and the insignificance of life pushed to the very corners of the frame.

The elements within The Anonymous Man series are all photographs. Each piece was taken using a DSLR digital camera with wide lenses, which means you’re very close to the action, but framed very similarly to that of a long lens which gives you a sense of distance. This is ultimately what lends the surreal aspects to the shots. The exquisitely layered treatment of each detail - the height, width, and long winding paved roads beyond The Anonymous Man is put together as composites using Adobe Photoshop. 

Combining an interest in minimalist lines and dichotomies, the fleeting figure of The Anonymous Man before the megastructures creates a narrative full of intrigue, inviting you to look closer and make a connection or conclusion, which I call ‘inspired thought’. Each image represents a story in itself and collectively the images form a larger narrative that is entirely open to your interpretation.

Some have opined that the entire work is deliberately dystopian where the brilliance of humanity has been diminished amidst its repressive environment. Yet, for some, it presents a world of possibilities that pushes you towards a kind of future reinvented where you can prosper.

Come, have a look. What do you see?

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