Quadrilateral Thoughts Collection


Artist Statement

In "Quadrilateral Thoughts," I once again delve into the realm of digital photographic illustrative artwork, transcending the boundaries of reality to explore the uncharted territories of imagination.

Each piece within this collection represents a journey into the recesses of my daydreams, inviting viewers to share in my exploration of an alternate reality. It is an assemblage of individual photographs captured and merged meticulously as composite elements through Adobe Photoshop.

As a photographer, I've found myself drawn to the enchanting and the extraordinary lurking beneath the surface of the mundane. It's this fascination that fuels the heart of "Quadrilateral Thoughts," making me click the shutter to capture fleeting moments and emotions into a visual form that transcends the ordinary.

The titles of these pieces—such as "Dad's Life Messages," "Funnel of Life," and "Kylie and Oscar's Day Out"—hint at the multifaceted stories within each frame. These titles are windows into my contemplations on life, time, and human connections.

As viewers immerse themselves in this collection, I hope to evoke introspection and curiosity, to co-create narratives that resonate with their own lives, and a profound appreciation for the infinite possibilities that lie within the quadrilateral framework of our thoughts.