Project 11 Collection

Artist Statement

There’s something about being 11. I believe it’s perhaps the best time of your life. Physically, your body has yet to go through such dramatic change. It’s also a time when you’re still allowed to daydream, play and make believe before you’re made aware of just how society frowns upon this. 

Project 11 is a concept-based idea of photographing children at around the age of 11, capturing them in a time and space somewhere between that innocence of childhood and the rigours of adolescence.

Drawing the comparison with swimwear advertising of yesteryears and using a subdued colour palette of pastels and subtle textures against a delicately balanced background, I have given these photographs a print-like quality rather than a digital feel.

The lighting, shooting, and processing are immaculate with the highest attention to detail possible. Presented as 1-meter high canvases with added white brush strokes to enhance the collaboration of the children’s slightly disconnected feel and their thoughtful look into the beyond.