The Anonymous Man

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" All involve pre-visualisation and the highly skilful marriage of a collection of ingredients brought together to create what would in some cases have been location, logistical and lighting nightmares - ones worthy of the late Cecil B. DeMille. "

f11 Magazine

“ Critically, what really makes these images work is the little figure overwhelmed by his surroundings, inviting us to imagine his circumstances. ”

Bill Bachman

" Your photographic series, ‘The Anonymous Man’, create an intriguing delve into the constructions of our urban existence. Combining an interest in minimalist lines and dichotomies, the fleeting figure in each creates a narrative full of intrigue. "

Miriam Arbus

Quadrilateral Thoughts

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“ Each is a virtuoso display of technique, frighteningly complicated underneath but ever so simple on the surface. ” 

“ The limited colour palette of this image does much to take our emotions down a level and the structure above is so suffocating. You are creating a mood that is incredible. "

“ ... it doesn’t matter much that she made this one up, because it’s an interesting one that challenges and entertains. ” 

Lisa Saad Photographer Review: Biography & Style