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In 2022, I embarked on an incredible adventure with the Crossing Bridges in Vietnam organized by the Australian Photographic Society. After years of pandemic lockdowns, this more than a week-long event breathed life into my passion for photography, allowing me to revel in the discovery of new places, stunning landscapes, vibrant streets, and the rich tapestry of Vietnamese culture.

In this collection, you'll see some of the captivating sceneries and moments that took my breath away.

Each photograph I captured during the Crossing Bridges tour in Vietnam tells a story of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and the vibrancy of everyday life. From the bustling streets of Hanoi to the serene landscapes of Tràng An and the cultural tapestry of Ha Giang, I aimed to capture the essence and evoke the emotions that these places inspired within me. Through my lens, I hope to share with you a visual journey through the intriguing beauty of Vietnam until such time you can go there and see for yourself.
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