As a versatile photographer and successful image-maker, Lisa’s technical expertise in all platforms of digital and analog media adds a distinctive flair to creating images that stand out.

Her discerning eye and years of practice under her belt made her produce quality work that has won over 200 awards. Lisa's phenomenal photography career has produced stunning photo after photo, from her illustrative ‘The Anonymous Man’ series to her architectural photography, as well as her ‘Project 11’ portrait series.


The Anonymous Man by Lisa SaadIn the midst of our now highly modernized world, we have become increasingly anonymous within the societies we live in - not only with what we build, and where we work but also in how we communicate.

The Anonymous Man by Lisa Saad delves into this intriguing concept of human existence where the pressures, the freedoms, and the unexpectedness of our urbanized worlds are depicted through the arresting and simplicity of the architecture and the insignificance of life pushed to the very corners of the frame.




Project 11 by Lisa SaadThere’s something about being 11. I believe it’s perhaps the best time of your life. Physically, your body has yet to go through such dramatic change. It’s also a time when you’re still allowed to daydream, play and make believe before you’re made aware of just how society frowns upon this.
Project 11 by Lisa Saad is a concept-based idea of photographing children at around the age of 11, capturing them in a time and space somewhere between that innocence of childhood and the rigours of adolescence.